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Default Canarian Weekly:

COUNCILLORS from Adeje, Arona and other local governments, plus representatives from 24 companies involved in tourism and related commercial sectors, have finally had enough of the traffic problems here in the South.

So much so that on Monday, at Costa Adeje’s Gran Hotel, everyone signed a manifesto, including several councillors, aimed at the Canarian Government, demanding action to combat drivers’ daily nightmares, morning, noon and night!

The meeting was called by CEST, the Circle of Businessmen and Professionals of the South of Tenerife. And its President, Roberto Ucelay, on behalf of those who signed the manifesto, stressed: “The image of our tourism destination is getting progressively worse, as a result of these problems.”

The manifesto calls for authorities to act now to resolve the issue of weary commuters, confronted by hideous traffic-jams.

It also underlines the need to improve travel between tourism zones and residential areas, such as the TF-1 motorway and access roads, with short-term solutions to ease traffic-jams now, together with long-term, sustainable plans.

Adeje Mayor Jose Miguel Rodriguez Fraga, accompanied by local Councillors Ermitas Moreira (Tourism) and Manuel Luis Méndez (Development), said: “We have signed this manifesto, which is vital, urgent and opportune. We need to call attention to a problem, which is now at a dramatic stage here in the South of the island.

“That’s because it is causing suffering for residents, businesses and everyone who, on a daily basis, has to put up with these serious transport and connectivity problems.”

He added: “In this document, we are asking some very specific questions, which need immediate answers.

“They point to issues that must be part of a better and more thorough planning process, which we haven’t seen to date, because these traffic problems are growing, day by day, and will continue to do so if nothing is done.”

The Mayor also pointed to the on-going work that he and his local government are doing to upgrade and improve Costa Adeje, and the South, constantly.

But the benefits, he said, were totally undermined by the growing traffic problems, that require policy decisions and planning, which is out of their hands.”

The manifesto includes:

*A third lane on the TF-1, from Las Américas to Armeñime

*An urgent decision on works to the San Isidro and Las Américas links

*A new link to Los Cristianos must include a third lane, to be given priority status

*A solution to the TF-47 issue in Alcalá

*Finish the Ring Road

But these demands aren’t necessarily new because CEST held a meeting in October 2016, also on the same lines.

Several representatives at this week’s CEST gathering were also there, agreeing with much the same suggestions. They proposed a temporary solution to solve the TF-1 traffic jams on the South motorway between the Las Chafiras and Las Americas links, to the Canarian Government, the Cabildo and the municipalities involved.

And Roberto Ucelay argued that it was possible to implement 11 measures to ease the traffic jams, at a reasonable cost.

To avoid queues at the entrance of Los Cristianos going North, CEST suggested giving priority to vehicles entering from the TF-1 from Adeje to reach the first roundabout, rather than the current entry, from Arona – and from Santa Cruz.

The Circle also proposed that Council technicians study how to prioritise the transit of vehicles on the roundabout below to go to Arona, since existing traffic stops at this point.

Another idea was to give preference to vehicles leaving from Los Cristianos by Juan Carlos I Avenue, to Arona and Santa Cruz, so that the right lane, closest to Guaza, was delimited by a solid line.

Also proposed was the possibility of using the route included in the partial plan to have a third, straight, exit lane on to the motorway.

In addition, CEST said it understood that reducing the size of the main roundabout in Los Cristianos would earn more circulation space.

As for the tremendous traffic jams at Las Chafiras, coming from the Adeje direction, CEST said that an underpass below the main roundabout, serving motorway traffic as well as those driving up from the coast or the two golf clubs, would provide the perfect solution, although extremely costly!

Yet the Canarian Government launched its 32m-euro project in August for a full-scale transformation of all roads affected, to be constructed in stages. But it could take years to complete, from the look of it, even though it would be built in stages.

The seemingly-complicated road lay-outs, including three roundabouts, would do away with the main traffic bottlenecks in the South, said the Government.

Right now, they cause kilometre-long jams around this section of the TF-1, going down to the two Golfs and up to San Miguel, featuring an average of 75,000 vehicles a day.

This area, comprising one of the highest build-ups of traffic on the island, was a top priority for the Canarian bosses.

But even five months ago, it was working against the clock to put the project out to tender before the end of the year, to fulfil a commitment to the public.

The main construction, it said, would be a huge roundabout in Las Chafiras over the TF-1, replacing the existing one and displaying three-lane segments, which would be new to Tenerife

Its fast-access lanes would allow easy entries for drivers to other areas in the municipality, without having to use the roundabout. They would also make it easier to get to the industrial estate.

Since its August announcement of the scheme, however, it seems that the Canarian Government has released no further information about its seemingly-complex plans.
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