View Full Version : Puerto welcomes back MUECA 2012 Street Art Festival

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05-14-2012, 11:18 AM
http://www.tenerifenews.com/images/stories/Tennewspaper2012/450/Mueca2012Logo.jpgThe streets of Puerto de la Cruz are about to come alive with music, mime, clowns, acrobats, drums, gastronomy and much, much more.
The town is absolutely delighted to welcome back MUECA 2012, the International Festival of Art in the Street after an absence of two years. This event was first held in 2000 so having missed two editions, this is effectively its tenth anniversary.
The revival has only been made possible through much hard work and what has been described by organisers as a unique collaboration between citizens, business people, the local council, the Canary Island Government, Tenerife Cabildo and many other parties.

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